Action Tracking in eSubs

eSubs tracks marking and internal verification deadlines, helping staff keep on track.

Seeing this will give external verifiers and inspectors confidence in your processes.


  • See a list of actions due when they log in, one click takes them to the task.
  • Colour coding indicates which actions are over due, due today or due in the future.

Team leaders

  • See how their staff are doing, ensuring they are coping.
  • Identify training and resource issues before they become a problem.

Senior Managers:

  • See an overview of the whole college:
  • Click on a school [faculty/department] to see how its teams are doing.
  • Click on a team to see how the team members are doing.
  • Click on a team member to see what their marking and IV.

eSubs also help students track their actions with a view of upcoming assignments as well as optional emails.