Action Tracking in eSubs

Not only does eSubs keep students on track with a clear view of upcoming assignments and optional emails, but it also helps staff keep up to date by tracking marking and internal verification deadlines. Seeing this will give external verifiers and inspectors confidence in your processes.

What Do I Need To Do?

  • Staff are shown a list of actions due when they log in.
  • Colour coding indicates whch actions are over due, due today or due in the future.

Drill Down

  • Senior managers can get an overview across the whole college:
    • Click on a school (faculty, department) to see how its teams are doing.
    • Click on a team to see how all the team members are doing.
    • Click on a team member to see what they have to mark and IV.
  • Team leaders can see how their staff are doing:
    • Ensuring they are coping.
    • Identifying training and resource issues before they become a problem.

Of course there are also many reports that will be useful for students, their guardians, lecturers, managers, senior managers and external verifiers.