Built from the ground up to be
the best vocational assessment solution.



An innovative approach to assessment submission, marking and quality assurance.


  • Designed for criteria based vocational qualifications (such as BTEC, CLAIT, LASER and OCR).
  • Let eSubs manage your assessments and feed the results into your MIS.


  • View assignments due in soon, recently
    marked or by subject.
  • Clear deadlines.
  • Overall assignment feedback.
  • Criteria feedback.
  • Achievement sheet with target setting.
  • Overall grade and UCAS calculator.


  • Set, mark and complete internal verification.
  • Work collaboratively on shared assignments.
  • Optional Office 365 integration.
  • Keep student work securely in the cloud.
  • No more form filling.
  • No more tracking spreadsheets.


  • Assessment & internal verification planning.
  • Track marking and internal verification deadlines.
  • No more form filling or tracking spreadsheets.
  • Automated reminders for staff and students.
  • Easy access for external verifiers.
  • Report generation.

Improving Efficiency and Workflow


  • Simplified marking with no download or upload of files.
  • 30% less time spent on marking and internal verification*
  • Automated distribution and tracking of tasks
  • No more form filling or transposition of results

*According to survey results


Feedback from staff shows that eSubs saves approximately 30% of the time needed for marking and internal verification when compared to paper based methods and other software. If marking and internal verification take your staff 10 hours each week, that’s 3 hours per person per week. With 100 staff using eSubs, that could mean over 9,000 hours saved each year!

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Student, Staff, Action Tracking and Reporting

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The entire team work in unison using eSubs – the system contains all assessment, verification and marking records as well as the entire student submission. I am impressed at the exceptional level of detail in the eSubs system and the tracking – I could dive in per unit, per student and per assessor as well as compare to the LIV tracking.

Andrew Smith

Senior BTEC External Verifier

Andrew McGinnigle
Sports Lecturer

Mark and grade from home! Not having to print anything; Get an overview of student progress; Any assignment you have marked can be accessed; Fantastic that you update the grade once and it never has to go into any other databases.

Frederick Tonsberg

Business Lecturer, Highlands College, Jersey

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