eSubs Modules

Most suppliers say that their software has an “on-line assessment module”, but is this up to the job? It might provide a way for students to hand-in their work and a way of tracking achievement, but how much help does it give to staff and learners when setting, internally verifying and marking work? How well does it link achievement back to the actual work submitted?

eSubs is different    
and the difference is
very, very important!

If you are involved with vocational education, you will know that BTEC, OCR and other exam boards have strict rules about the tracking and turnaround of assignments, particularly relating to internal verification (IV) and second hand-ins. How well does your current system handle this? eSubs minimises the work involved by automating as much as possible. This has huge benefits for staff as well as students.



Allows teachers to set assignments, manage hand-ins, mark work and review student performance.


Allows staff to manage qualifications, classes and students.

eSubs Will

  • save lecturing staff huge amounts of time with probably the most efficient marking and IV process around.
  • save team leaders and Lead Internal Verifiers (LIVs) time and stress by tracking marking and IV turnaround times, with automatic escalation.
  • save several trees and reduce printing costs (this alone could pay for the cost of eSubs).
  • motivate students with tracking of assignments due, achievement and feedback, as well as allowing what-if calculation of overall grades and (where appropriate) UCAS points.
  • provide management with detailed tracking information.
  • provide summary information enabling you to integrate it with your existing MIS system.