eSubs Reports

Once everything has been setup, all of the following (and more) can be generated without any additional work (no double entry of information in different parts of the system or spreadsheets needed).

By Email

  • A list of assignments due in the near future can automatically be sent to students (and their guardians).
  • A list of actions required can automatically be sent to lecturers (with an option to copy in their team leader if anything is overdue). This includes actions such as marking, selecting students for internal verification and requesting second hand-ins.
  • Internal verification results can automatically be sent to lecturers for their assignments (with an option to copy this to their team leader if referred).


  • Student Assignment: Assignment feedback for students (also can be viewed online).
  • Student Achievement: A colourful grid showing how a student is doing in all their units. Useful for reviewing progress with students and their guardians (also can be viewed online).
  • Hand-In Summary: A view of assignments handed in within a range of dates, showing what they were asked to hand-in, what they did hand-in and their achievement. Useful for progress reviews and tutorials.
  • Group Assessment Schedule: All the assignments for the group, showing due dates and criteria covered.
  • Group Unit Achievement: A colourful grid showing how all the students in a group are doing in one unit.
  • Group Achievement Summary: A grid showing the current grade of each student in each unit studied.
  • Student Unit Summary: How a student has done in a unit, detailing where evidence of meeting criteria can be found. Useful for QA and external verification.
  • Internal Verification Results: This shows internal verification decisions relating to an assignment in general as well as student work.
  • Internal Verification Matrix: A grid showing all subjects and students in a group and the current IV status of all their work.

Action Tracking

in addition to these reports, senior management can use action tracking to see how well staff in the college are meeting their deadlines.