Questions Frequently Asked by Students

This page answers questions that students who are using eSubs may find useful.

For general questions or questions relating to using eSubs as a member of staff, please see our General and Staff FAQ pages.

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Why is some of my achievement showing question marks and why can't I see my feedback?


Some exam boards require a second member of staff to check that work has been marked properly before it is returned to students.

This process is normally known as “Internal Verification” or “Internal Quality Assurance”. It normally involves the second member of staff looking at a sample of the work that has been marked and answering a set of questions specified by the exam board. Once they have done this and are happy with the marking, you will be able to see your achievement and feedback.


What does "Minimum Expected Grade" mean?


The minimum expected grade is a grade which your college calculates when you start your course. It is the minimum grade that they believe you should achieve when you finish your course. With hard work and dedication to your studies, you will hopefully end up with a higher grade than this!


I know how many UCAS points I need for university, how can eSubs help me?


On the achievement page, you should see a “Target” column on the right hand side of the main table. This allows you to set the grade you want to achieve for each unit.

Screenshot of achievement pageOnce you have done this, click on the “Calculate Grade” button lower down the page. eSubs will then go away and calculate the grade you should achieve based on the targets you have set. Assuming that the course has been set up to show UCAS points, it will also show you the number of UCAS points that you should get for this grade.

Screenshot of Grade Calculation

If you do the calculation and it looks like you are not going to get enough points, try changing your target for one or more units, calculate the grade again and see the difference this would make.

Please note:

  • Calculation of final grades and UCAS points is dependant on the way the course has been set up. UCAS points are normally only shown for level 3 courses.
  • While we endeavour to calculate grades and points accurately, we may get things wrong (due to a mistake in the way we calculate grades, lack of clarity in the course specification or incorrect data entry when setting up the course). Therefore, please do not rely on the grades calculated and check the results with the appropriate staff in your college.


How do I change the colour scheme?


After you log in, go to your settings page. Here you can choose the colours used for the main navigation bars, buttons and the background.

I don't see my question answered, can you help me?


If you have a specific question or need help, please contact contact one of your lecturers, your team leader or the college’s help desk.

If you have a general question that others might also want to known the answer to, please email or use our contact form to send us a message.