eSubs for Staff

eSubs will save staff huge amounts of time, improve quality assurance and feed results into your MIS

eSubs provides a comprehensive solution that will streamline the setting, collecting, marking and internal verification of assignments. It will also make external verification simple, producing the documentation required.

A recent survey of users concluded that, on average, eSubs Teacher saves lecturers around a third of the time they spend marking and internally verifying, While these savings may not come straight off a college’s bottom line, they do help reduces stress and allow lecturers to better prepare for the working day.



Powerful filtering allows lecturers to quickly see all marking and internal verification they need to do (and have done) from one screen. One of the many ways that eSubs helps lecturers.

Set Assignments

  • Let students know what must be done, what to hand-in, when it must be done by and which criteria they are trying to meet. Choose who will be marking each criterion. View deadlines set by other tutors when creating assignments to avoid overloading.
  • Set and track resubmissions and additional hand-ins. [Inbuilt workflow handles authorisation if required.]

Mark Assignments

  • When you login, your action list will let you know what needs to be marked.
  • Use our Office 365 integration to open student work and add comments without any file  download / upload.
  • Record which criteria have been met and feedback inside eSubs.
  • Return marking when you are ready.

Internally Verify Assignments and Student Work

  • Review assignment briefs and marking done by others.
  • Inbuilt workflow reassignns referrals and tracks revisions.
  • Optionally, hide marking from students until internal verification has been completed.

Checking Student Achievement / External Verification

  • Use “Student View” from the staff portal to mimic exactly what a student sees.
  • Use the extensive reporting to consolidate results across a range of students and subjects.
  • Us the “Unit Review” to select a qualification and unit. Click on a criterion for a student to see the assignment, marking, student work and internal verification report.

Easy Tracking

With eSubs it’s easy to track the progress of an assignment, this screen not only shows how each student has done, but also the full workflow relating to marking and internal verification.

Produce “Traditional” PDF reports including:

  • Assignment marking, including overall feedback and criteria feedback.
  • Overall unit reports, showing whether criteria have been met or not, and which assignment covered each criterion.
  • Student achievement across all the units they are studying.
  • Group achievement across all units they are studying.
  • IV reports for internal QA and external verifiers.

No More:

  • Students claiming they didn’t know the deadline.
  • Teachers carrying heavy bundles of work home to mark
  • Students claiming their teacher lost their work.
  • Students complaining about having too many assignments due in at the same time.
  • Teachers having to write down results on paper then transcribe them into multiple systems when they get back to work or go online.